2011, the year etched into our family history as the year Dave began digging the basement out with his bare hands. Well, not exactly his bare hands; he had a bucket and our 81 year old neighbor, Earle, to help lift the bucket out through a crawl hole and load it into the trailer.

Needless to say, the basement, and our family, has come a long way since that initial bucket of dirt! It took Dave the first five years to dig out and retain the portion of the basement under the front of the house. Knowing that we would all go nuts if the project kept progressing at that pace, we commissioned principal architect Annie Schwemmer of Renovation Design Group to draw up plans. Last fall, Northstar Builders broke ground and the final construction phase began.

Thanks to Dave’s relentless after-hours construction maintenance (he wasn’t about to relinquish control of his hard-earned sweat equity) and Phil’s detail-oriented team of contractors and subs, we finished our project in record time. Construction wrapped up in June, just in time for summer vacation. And a few weeks ago, we were pleased to finally celebrate the completion of our six-years-in-the-making remodeling project with friends and neighbors.

As many of you know, Yalecrest Homes has been hosting home tours over the past couple of years; highlighting the work of newly remodeled homes and kitchens in the Yalecrest area. I knew that as soon as we finished our remodeling project, I wanted to throw the biggest open house party we’ve had yet!

The highlight of our evening was listening to the amazing Miles Biddulph and Danielle Pleseter perform and watching our guests sing along with their “live karaoke”. It’s been a dream of mine to have them perform in our house. So glad to finally have an excuse to do it! Also, a shout out to my brother, Mark Greenwood, for catering and my mother and mother-in-law who brought the delicious desserts. It was more than I could have hoped for! Dave and I would love to be able to do it again soon…but maybe without the remodel.

Enjoy the complete slideshow of our home and remodeled basement below (courtesy of Restoration Design Group and Lucy Call, photographer). Our basement remodel added 600 sf, including two full baths, three bedrooms and a laundry room.

Architect: Renovation Design Group
Contractor: Northstar Builders
Design: Emily Foxley, EF & Co.