The Yalecrest Difference: All-Inclusive Staging

Feb 19, 2017 | Yalecrest Home Services, Staging

Recently, a dear family from our local school approached me about selling their home. They were going through some high-emotion life changes, including an up-in-the-air, out-of-state job offer. When the time came, they needed to sell quickly and at top dollar. They were also concerned about cosmetic and structural issues that needed to be resolved before putting their house on the market, but they weren’t feeling like they had the time or the emotional energy to deal with it.

During our listing presentation, I offered them numbers showing what their return would be on a quick-to-market, no-investment option versus a comprehensively-staged, low/mid-investment option. The financial difference was substantial and I strongly encouraged them to go with the latter option. And, WOW, are they (and I) glad they did! It was intense getting the home to the place we wanted it to be, but after ten days on the market, we had a full-price,cashoffer.

One of the biggest differences between Yalecrest Homes and other realtors is that we provide all-inclusive staging in our commission price. Most realtors will tack the cost of cleaning, window washing, and staging items onto your bill. In our opinion, this isn’t something that a client should pay fornormanage. You’re already paying us well—it’s our job to work hard for you and earn our money! Once you are contracted with us, you’ll receive a comprehensive staging report from our in-house designer. This includes all the big-picture repairs and de-cluttering that you’ll need to do on your end as well as the furniture, accessories, fresh flowers, and all the other fine details we will bring in on ours.

In the case of this family, I’ll call them Minnesota Bound, there was a significant amount of work that needed to be done beyond the usual staging costs: a new roof, painting, and other miscellaneous home repairs. We contacted our Yalecrest Homes trusted vendors and provided estimates of what it would cost to make the changes. Once they approved these costs, our team managed implementation. Right before listing, we brought in a cleaning crew, window washer, as well as a whole staging crew, furniture, and accessories—including original art from our neighborhood’s own Holli Yoho.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to see a home transformed in the staging process and reach it’s full potential. That, and maximizing my clients’ profit! It was a pleasure to work you, Minnesota Bound. Cheers to a job well done—mission accomplished! I wish you the best of luck in your new adventures!!