“Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.“
-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr

At Yalecrest Homes we understand that buying and selling a home is more than a transaction. It is an emotional experience. As such, we see ourselves as curators in this experience finding meaningful and relevant options that fit your life’s narrative. Our specialized focus on the Yalecrest Neighborhood allows us to match buyers and sellers in pre-listings and off-market sales. Our thoughtful and trusted team of designers, attorneys, marketers, lenders and licensed agents deliver on the details that befit your goals. In the process, we guarantee you will be treated with the utmost care and professionalism whether you are buying your first home, your dream home, or looking to downsize.

Buying a Home


Helping serve you

Most clients have a pretty good idea about what they want their new home to look and feel like. Maybe they’ve imagined themselves in a particular neighborhood, visualized the details of their future home’s exterior, or imagined themselves relaxing in a kitchen or living area with a dog, a child, or a friend by their side. At Yalecrest Homes we see ourselves as agents in actualizing this narrative.


Step One: Finance

The first and most daunting step of the home buying process is converting these hopes and dreams into quantitative numbers. Our trusted team of mortgage professionals, well-known for their low rates and creative financing options, will work through pricing options and make this leg of the journey as painless as possible.


Step Two: Find and Offer

Finding your perfect space is equal parts art and science. On our end, it’s a matter of sorting and sifting through MLS listings and more importantly discovering the unlisted property we pride ourselves in finding. Sometimes it feels like finding a needle in a haystack, but we relentlessly use all our personal and professional resources to find and secure your ideal property.



Rarely a deal goes off without a hitch. Our experience has made us experts at problem solving and putting out last-minute fires. Our attention to detail and grit keeps negotiation, closing-cost stress and fees at a minimum.

Selling a Home



Selling a home is an emotional experience. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the uncertainties of costs, profit and the amount of time it will take to get a home ready for sale and then sell it. Our top concern when curating a home for sale is aligning a home-selling strategy with your stage of life and financial goals.



If stress free is your top priority, we modify timing and budget expectations. We bring in buyers that will be respectful of the boundaries you have set without staging or other intrusive strategies.



If maximizing your home's profit is your top concern, we recommend contacting us for a FREE home evaluation as soon as possible.

Our in-house designer and maintenance team will conduct a thorough review of your home​ ​ and recommend ​​ ways you can maximize your home's value. Recommendations could include roof repair, bathroom or kitchen updates, new flooring, landscaping, painting or other fine details. We have a network of trusted tradespeople who can help you execute these changes quickly and efficiently.

As your listing agent, we will provide you with an extensively researched top-dollar price recommendation​. ​We ensure this price will meet your days-on-market expectations, and that the price won't be out of the appraiser's range needed for full mortgage approval. A well-priced home also shortens the buyer's ability to drag out the buying process over unimportant inspection details.

Reducing commission is an​other​ easy way to decrease fees and increase your take-home amount. ​We are connected with clients lined up for pre-listings in our area. Acting as the agent to buyer and seller means you'll sell faster and ​earn more.



One of the biggest differences between Yalecrest Homes and other realtors is that we provide all-inclusive staging in our commission price. Most realtors will tack the cost of cleaning, window washing, and staging items onto your bill. In our opinion, this isn't something that a client should pay for nor manage. You're already paying us well—it's our job to work hard for you and earn our money! Click here for more information.


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