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Yalecrest Homes is a full-service boutique agency specializing in the Yalecrest neighborhood and surrounding Salt Lake enclaves. Our comprehensive in-house team comes to the table with unparalleled management, legal, marketing, staging and event-planning experience. Individually we are impressive. Together we are a powerhouse optimizing client experience and profit. Contact us today to find out why clients and industry colleagues alike are calling us hard working, detailed, and poised for the deal acumen.

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As an industry peer I can attest to Karly’s single-minded focus on her client’s best interests. When it comes to keeping a real estate transaction together, that can sometimes mean walking a fine line. She walks that line easily because she is careful and caring, professional and fair minded. I highly recommend having Karly represent you as your Realtor.

-Colin Thomas

Real estate is a service based industry where Karly works hard to earn the trust and loyalty of her clients. As a mortgage broker and member of her professional team I experience first hand the amount of time and effort Karly spends in listening, understanding and then working to meet the specific needs of each client she represents. The gratitude and respect Karly shows her clients is genuine and is reflected by the ongoing friendships she has created amongst her clientele. In addition to caring for her clients Karly is also a professional who keeps herself well informed of the local market and various other elements within the real estate industry. I recommend Karly and appreciate the opportunity I have to work with her and many of her clients.

-Jesse Theurer

We recently worked with Karly on the sale of our previous home as well as purchase of the new property and would highly recommend her services. She is an incredibly strong advocate, well prepared and takes the time to get you in the right house. She and her team do a terrific job staging your home in prep for open house and in our case, we sold our home in 36 hours. On top of it all, she’s one of the more pleasant people we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

-Bob Jones

We started talking to Karly six months before we bought our new home. She helped us put together a plan for selling our existing home and a checklist of must-haves for our new home. After a couple of months of actively looking, we made an offer on an unlisted home she found for us in Yalecrest area. Within a week we had our home on the market and an offer in the first 24 hours. It was a whirlwind; she brought in a whole team to get our house ready to selleven helped pack us up! She also spent countless hours working through FEMA to clarify some flood insurance issues we had with the home we were selling. In the ten years we lived in the house, I’d never been able to cut through the bureaucracy of it as she did. We couldn’t have done it without her. She’s amazing, and a very caring, thoughtful person to boot.

-Joseph Pugsley

Karly was my agent when we bought a house in the Yalecrest area. She is the best agent I have ever worked with. She cares about her customers as she would do for her own families. She does not hide anythingvery open-minded and sincere. She is simply the best and I am lucky to have her as my agent.

-Keunhan Park

It is a genuine pleasure to write a positive review and recommendation for Karly Nielsen and Yalecrest Homes. We have lived in ten states (and counting) and have used the services of realtors many times. None yet has matched the service we received from Karly and we are very pleased to recommend her.

Karly knows the market very well, she is available, efficient and responsive, she has a great network of contractors that customers can leverage (we did!), and she works extremely hard for her clients. We continue to consult her and consider her a true friend. You would be hard pressed, indeed, to find another realtor of similar quality.

-David Hines

I have worked with Karly several times and have consistently been very impressed by her professionalism and follow through. She makes what could be a stressful experience (buying or selling a home) straightforward and painless. I would definitely recommend Karly and Yalecrest Homes if you’re looking for a realtor with knowledge and a collected, caring demeanor.

-Emily Foxley

We had a wonderful experience with Karly. She helped us sell our home in the Yalecrest area and find our home in Davis County.

She hired a stager to help us prepare our Yalecrest home for sale and was very involved in the whole process. We were ultimately able to sell the home for full asking price before it even officially went on the market.

Karly was also key in us securing our home in Kaysville. She knew that it was a very hot market, so she pushed for us to see our eventual home shortly after it went on the market. She also helped guide us through the process of making an offer. Her advice was very helpful and, because of it, we were able to get the house even though there were several other interested buyers.

Karly works very hard and shows a great deal of personal attention to her clients. She cared about what we wanted in the transaction, was candid (when we needed her to be and in a very kind way), and was a large part of the reason why we had such a good selling and buying experience. She is very connected to the Yalecrest area especially, and is particularly helpful if you are trying to get into that VERY competitive area.

-David McConkie

Karly did more than could be expected. She met all of our commitments, gave our property the best possible presentation, had a superb photographer who took aesthetically pleasing photos of our home, knew tradesmen who could make the buyers asked for changes, went with us for closing appointments, and included sellers and buyers in celebration when all drew to an end. This was a lovely goodbye to our home of 50 years. Thank you Karly!

-Bonnie Rock

We bought our first house a month ago and that experience was amazing thanks to Karly. When we first jumped into the market in the summer 2016, we didn’t know anything about buying a house. Karly was so kind and very considerate. Whenever we went to see a house with her, she pointed out small details we missed and explained throughly. She had in-dept knowledge about the overall structures of houses in SLC which helped us a lot when deciding the key features of our future home. After a couple of meetings with her, we could immediately sense that she cared about us and her primary interest is our satisfaction not the money! I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in buying or selling a house without any hesitation. We are so happy that we got to know Karly not only as our agent but also as a friend and a neighbor.

-Jiyoung Chang

Karly was so great to work with! She found us our dream home and made the process simple and seamless. I would highly recommend Karly as your agent!

-Dillon Lee

​K​arly Nielsen is friendly and kind. She has a professional presence. As a home inspector, I have seen thousands of real estate agents in action, and Karly’s attention to the needs of her clients is stellar. You are in good hands with Karly Neilsen; I recommend her.

-Jim Fahs

Karly knows her homes, and more importantly she knows the neighborhood. She’s been the PTA president and continues to immerse herself in the community. THAT’s what I want when I’m looking for someone to guide me to the right home for my family. I highly recommend Karly and her unique network of friends and businesses – not to mention the fact that she’s about the nicest person on earth.

-John Graham

Karly was very helpful in navigating the process of buying our first home. She was extremely flexible in making time to show us homes and providing us with additional information about neighborhoods, schools, and other important factors. Karly is genuinely concerned with helping her clients find the home that best fits their needs. We ultimately decided to build a new home, and Karly has been attentive to the details throughout the process. Karly is a gem.

-Jamie Christensen

I would highly recommend Karly as a realtor in the Salt Lake City area. She is thoroughly professional and quickly made time to show us homes whenever they came up. The home we purchased was overpriced, and with Karly’s help in negotiations, we ended up purchasing the home for 50k less than the original asking price, even though it was only on the market a couple of weeks. She also negotiated for extra things that we wanted, but were afraid to ask for, like the appliances and a carpet allowance.

-Clint Cresap

Karly and her crew were outstanding during the process of us selling our home. She is very organized and communicates the entire process throughout. Everything that she explained to us happened in her time frame and we got the price that we wanted. I would highly recommend using Karly when selling or buying a home. She did such an amazing job all the way through the process!!!!

-Mike Crawford


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